Personalized therapy provided by skilled professionals

Connor and Associates offers treatment for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. Treatment methods are tailored to the unique and specific needs of each client. These include:

Individual Psychotherapy – The individual client’s needs are paramount in this form of therapy and they are addressed in the context of a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship. Feelings, thoughts and issues are explored with the goal of reducing or eliminating problematic symptoms while promoting positive change and well-being.

Marital Therapy – Therapy with couples can be aimed at addressing issues as a means of preventing serious problems from developing or it can be an important tool for working through serious differences between partners after they have already reached a critical stage. The goal is to examine the individuals’ contributions to the marital discord and modify communication and behavioral patterns to increase intimacy and strengthen the marital bond.

Child-Centered Therapy – The focus of treatment is primarily on the child with the parents serving key supportive roles in the therapeutic process. The therapist works directly with the child while maintaining close communication with the parents to assist them in understanding their child’s problems while educating them as to how they can help their child.

Family Therapy – The primary goal of family therapy is to modify the relationships between family members to achieve greater family harmony. The focus of treatment is shifted from the individual to the family system as a whole with interconnected and interdependent parts.

Parent-Child Therapy – Challenges between a parent and child may arise during certain periods of development or when the family undergoes significant change or stress. Parent-child communication is a key component to helping the relationship get back on track. In some cases, parents and children become estranged and the goal of therapy is to help them reunite and reconcile their differences.

Sports Therapy – Mental, emotional and/or physical challenges can sometimes impede athletic performance. Sports therapy incorporates strategies to strengthen motivation, mental determination and mental toughness with the goal of the athlete reaching their fullest potential.